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The Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Syrah, are placed in stainless steel tanks for maceration periods ranging from 15 to 40 days depending on the styles we wish to attribute to each of them. Each tank holds a single variety yielding from a defined parcel.

We alternate the vinification techniques (pre-fermentary cold maceration, short macerations, long macerations, some thermo-vinifications) according to the grape varieties, the parcels harvested and the different bases that we wish to have at our disposition to maximise our blends.

  • At 10 days of maceration, with temperatures of 25°C we favour the aromatic expression and the suppleness of the wines.
  • At 30 days of maceration, we seek the aromatic complexity and the footprint of the terroir of AOC Cabardès. We privilege moderate fermentation temperatures (25-28 degrees) to avoid deteriorating the aromatic qualities of our grapes.

During the fermentation period, pump-overs (the act of wetting the cap situated on the upper part of the tank, with the juice which is situated in the bottom) or punch-downs (the manual act of pushing the cap in towards the bottom of the tank) are performed twice a day. The decision to continue or stop these operations depends on the level of extraction obtained.

The malo-lactic fermentation takes place after the first racking for the Vins de Pays wines, under cap for the long macerations and in barrel for the best lots.

The aging of the AOC wines lasts 1 year, traditionally in tank, undergoing a micro-oxygenation in certain cases. This allows for the softening of a certain category of “chalky” tannins, characteristic of limestone terroirs. A part of the wines yielding from the best terroirs is aged in 600 litres oak barrels for the Syrah, 300 litres for the Cabernet and 225 litres for the Merlot. The size of the containers may vary with the vintage and the concentration obtained. These wines make up 100% of the Château Ventenac « Grande Réserve » and 10% of the Château Ventenac « Réserve »


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