Les hommes

The first winery was installed in the annexes of Château Ventenac, erected in the XIVth century by the Benedictine monks. The first vinification and cement aging vats were built into the actual foundations, guaranteeing a thermal inertia necessary for the aging of the wines, sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Later, in order to match the vinification demands, a second winery was built just next to the first. The tanks are now stainless steel and equipped with a temperature control system, in order to adapt our vinification methods in function of the harvest. We have also acquired two pneumatic presses of 80 hectolitres, a micro oxygenation system, a tangential filter, a machine harvester with selective sorting (destemmer), a sorting table for the harvest etc...

The modernisation of our vinification tools has allowed us to craft wines at our convenience, respectful of the harvest and its aromas while optimizing the specific character of its terroir.

Presently, the old winery with its cement vats is exclusively dedicated to the aging of our wines.

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